I think that congratulations are in order for you and your husband. You've figured out what works for you in your relationship; you've shared your viewpoints openly and I'm certain that others will learn from your experience. I'm not certain that micromanagement is the preferred term for what you've described, however. To me, your list is no different from the To-Do lists that many of us employ in the workplace. We have superiors at work who oversee our work and assure its completion; why not at home IF that is agreeable to both parties. It works for you- no explanation necessary!

As for removing his shoes- while my husband and I don't choose to do that, I can certainly see where that could be looked upon as an act of affection for the other- actually, an act of respect for your husband after he's worked a long day. I see nothing wrong with that! Again, what works for one couple may not be for another!

What I came away with in reading your post, is that you feel valued and in return, you do whatever you can to make your husband feel that he is valued similarly.

Can't get much better than that! Thanks for sharing your obvious love for one another!