A loving marriage filled with passion

A loving marriage filled with passion

I am so much more focused since he began to correct and control me. I am also enjoying a new phase lately because he now has me make a list every day of specific errands and chores I need to get done. I have read some of the other comments and posts regarding the man micro-managing the woman, and I know that not everyone needs or agrees with this concept, but it's working out really well for us. I make the list with his guidance, and if I'm not able to follow it, we talk about how I can do better, and I sometimes get a few hard swats to my bottom. Believe me, the next day when I have a stinging bottom, I remember what I'm supposed to get done!

Anyway, we are a very, very happy man and wife with a loving marriage filled with passion and intimacy. I wouldn't want our relationship to be any other way because this feels so natural for us and has deepened the love we feel for each other.